Lucy’s Obituary, in her own words

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FUCHS, Lucille Ann “Lucy”, 82, of Brandon, FL went to God on February 10, 2018. Born April 13, 1935 in Ottoville, OH daughter of Frank and Mary Weber. She spent the first part of her life in Ohio, graduating with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Dayton and a Master’s degree from Ohio State. In 1969 she moved to Florida and worked at Florida State University where she met the love of her life, Frank J. Fuchs, whom she married in 1971.

They lived most of their lives in Brandon, FL. Lucy was a perpetual student, earning a second Master's degree from Florida State and a Doctorate (PhD) from the University of South Florida. Through the years she taught at many levels, elementary in Ohio and Florida, high school French in Ohio, courses at Hillsborough Community College, and the final fifteen years in the education department at Saint Leo University where she became Chair of the Department.

Lucy and Frank traveled extensively through the years, visiting and sometimes revisiting 73 countries around the world. They spent two years doing volunteer work in Mexico and one year in Washington, D.C., as well as Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky. Lucy wrote 20 books, including novels, books for educators, and books of inspiration, and dozens of shorter articles. She also had many of her Letters to the Editor published in local newspapers and national magazines. She was a member of Pax Christi as well as other peace and justice groups. She enjoyed painting and gardening. She loved nature and was a member of the Eagle Audubon Club, Sierra Club, Florida Native Plant Society, and the Florida Trail Association.

Frank's obituary for Lucy


Lucy was a spiritual person with much faith. It may not come as a surprise that she chose to join the religious order of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in Dayton, OH, in secondary school, and remained a member of that community for over 15 years. Lucy was an early riser, and always spent her morning quiet time in prayer and meditation. In the early years of their marriage, she suggested to Frank that they each bless each other’s forehead with the sign of the cross before going to sleep at night. Whenever they went somewhere by car they said the Prayer of St. Francis in order to remind themselves of the spiritual attitude they wanted to emulate and foster. Lucy was very involved with religious education at Nativity Catholic Church. She taught, along with others, the Christopher Leadership Course which helps people learn how to get their ideas across to others through improved confidence and communication skills, and how to work for a better world. Recently, Lucy read the Bible again from cover to cover.


Lucy and Frank were members of fact-finding human rights delegations to Nicaragua, Columbia, El Salvador, Cuba, and Palestine. They protested over many years at Ft. Benning, GA against the School of the Americas (now Whinsec). It has been documented that the School taught torture techniques to Latin American soldiers who then used them on their own citizens. Lucy and Frank each received a 5 year "Ban and Bar" letter from the U.S. Government for having crossed onto the base while protesting. To do so again would mean jail time. She and Frank often commented about their on-the-street sign carrying activities as have signs, will travel. Lucy could certainly be described as a warrior for social justice issues including women's rights and just wages for all. She was strongly against the death penalty. She wanted to contribute to solutions to hunger, war, and many other problems in the world. She tried to make people aware of the underlying reasons for being against or for a cause. She was very gifted in being able to synthesize a mixture of ideas into a coherent step-by-step list or action plan.


Lucy lived by example and action without thought of getting credit. Lucy's inner and outer beauty was evident in her beautiful smile and her acts of kindness. Her gift for story-telling and wit brought delight to many. She and Frank were married for 46 wonderful years. She was a fabulous cook. She only stopped preparing food about November when she told Frank that she just couldn't continue. The pain of the returned ovarian cancer was taking its toll on her ability to continue the things she loved and wanted to do. Lucy leaves behind her husband, Frank; daughter, Elizabeth "Charlie" Soubelet (and her husband, Nicolas); five grandchildren; nine siblings (of the original thirteen); and many nieces and nephews. A Memorial Mass will be held at Nativity Catholic Church, Brandon, FL at 11 am March 3, 2018. Visitation at 10 am. Reception for all will follow the mass. In lieu of flowers, what best you might do for Lucy (and for Frank) is give a donation to Mary's Pence in memory of Lucy (there is a place to note that on their online donation form). A memorial tree or bench in a park is also being planned.


have you ever read one of Lucy's novels?

  • Shadow of the Walls
  • Wild Winds of Mayaland
  • Dangerous Splendor
  • The Light in Ordinary Things
  • Women of Destiny: The Women in the Old Testament
  • We Were There: Women in the New Testament with Lewis N. Wynne
  • Humanities in the Elementary School: A Handbook for Teachers
  • Social Justice: Teachings of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims with James J. Horgan
  • Forgiveness: God's Gift of Love
  • Serving Adolescents Reading Interests Through Young Adult Literature
  • Pictures of Fear

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